B&B Policies

In this post-pandemic world, we still take extra disinfecting precautions for the health and safety of our staff, other guests, and ourselves.  If staying with other (unknown to you) guests in the house, please be considerate and practice social distancing, etc.  Disinfectant is provided throughout for sanitizing public use surfaces like doorknobs, railings, and light switches.
Please call in advance to inquire or let us know if you have questions or special requirements prior to your arrival.  We really try to be as accommodating as possible!
Check In/Out:
Check In Time: 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm or by appointment outside of those hours.  WE DON'T LIVE HERE, so please let us know your ETA and call when you are 30-60 minutes away.  This avoids you having to wait for us!
Check Out Time: 11:00 am (or later by special arrangement).
Room Rates: Room rate is based on double occupancy.  We have a twin air mattress that can be added for a child staying in the room with you.  For a third occupant, we charge an extra $35.  This cost covers the extra breakfast, setup/takedown of the air mattress, and laundering the extra linens.
Hot Tub:  **NOTE: we cannot guarantee the hot tub will be available for various reasons. For individual rooms: first reserved = priority use of hot tub.  Often, a guest will increase the temperature too high and leave it there, which inevitably burns out the heater (takes several days to replace).  RULES: It's small...Capacity = 3 (maybe 4) people. Children under 12 *not allowed*! EVERY person using the hot tub *must* take a soapy all-over shower *before* getting in the hot tub.  Do NOT turn temp above 104.  Close cover when not in use.
Meals:  NO BREAKFAST served from Nov 15th to Mar 30th, unless special arrangements are made.  BREAKFAST IS AN ADD-ON and only available to individual room rentals, not Whole House Rentals.  Breakfast is normally served between 8 and 9:30am.
Quiet Times: In consideration of our neighbors and other guests, please observe a quiet time from 10pm to 8am. 
Smoking and I-502: Riverwood at Lake Roosevelt is a non-smoking facility. This includes the upper and lower patio decks!  Smoking and vaping (of ANY substance) is ONLY allowed in the gazebo, our designated smoking lounge, or out in the yard (please be mindful of fire hazard during the dry summer/fall season). We charge guests a $100 cleaning fee for smoking indoors or on the deck. 
Pets (Limited/Inquiry): We may allow pets to accompany guests on a limited and individual basis. Pets are only allowed in the large basement/entertainment area or possibly in a crate in the room (inquire first).  Absolutely no pets allowed on ANY furniture or in the upstairs (commercial) kitchen. Pets must be under owner control at all times while on the property and must not be allowed to be disruptive to the quiet enjoyment of other individuals or destructive to Riverwood property. Owners are responsible for any messes or damage. We will provide cleaning supplies as needed. Any poop in the yard must be picked up, bagged, and put in the garbage cans along the north side of the garage.
Children: We accept children of all ages, however parents or guardians must supervise minors under the age of 18 at all times. BE AWARE there is no safety fence along the shoreline, which is a very steep cliff edge (National Park property), and the water below is cold and swift!  Please understand that some of our guests are seeking respite from all their stresses, including work, home AND children. Our rooms are double occupancy, so a child aged between 6 and 18 will be counted as an extra room occupant with the fee of $35 to pay for meal, set-up, laundry and labor costs. We have a twin-size air mattress available and can set it up in the room with the parents. Parents will be held responsible for children adhering to our policies and for any damages done to property.
Cleaners:  We use EcoSense cleaners and laundry products, which are non-caustic, hypoallergenic, environment-friendly, botanical ingredients, and safer for humans and animals.  Because we care about the health and safety of our guests, our cleaning staff, our septic system, and the beautiful river and surrounding ecosystem within which the Riverwood house sits.
Cancellation Policy: We recognize unforeseeable events occasionally arise that make it necessary to re-schedule or cancel reservations. Since we are a small rental house, cancellations affect us dramatically; however, we will do our best to accommodate our guests in these situations without imposing financial strain on our business. If a customer cancels 7 days or less prior to the date of check-in, the customer will be charged for each reserved night and room that we cannot re-book. Riverwood will make every effort to re-book the room so the customer can avoid this charge. If Riverwood must discount the room to book it,  the  canceling customer will  pay the difference. We will charge “no-shows” the full amount of their reservation.
Damages: Any damage to our property or neighboring properties committed by guests, their pets, or their children, will be added to the room bill and charged to the responsible party. Responsible party will be considered as the name on the Credit Card or guest name(s) on the reservation. 
Intoxication: Please use alcohol and/or other legal substances responsibly and in moderation. Owners reserve the right to ask guests to leave or to have guests removed from the premises if they are found to be in violation of this policy. No refunds will be issued in these instances.
Riverwood "Souvenirs"
All of our linens, blankets, towels, and robes are of the highest quality. Often the keys to the room will be in someone's pocket as they load up the car.  Accidents happen!  But PLEASE, make sure before you leave, that nothing extra goes home with you.  We want everyone to feel pampered and well cared for, but we operate on a very thin profit margin.  if you would like to "take" any items, please let us know, so we can charge accordingly to replace those items. We inventory and document each room after each guest stay, so we will be contacting you if we can't find something. If you prefer, you can order many of the items in our rooms from Macy's Home.

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