Welcome to Riverwood Bed and Breakfast

All scenic roads in Washington state seem to lead to Kettle Falls!  Riverwood Vacation Rental House, on the shores of Lake Roosevelt, is near one of those crossroads.  With its towering ponderosa pine trees and expansive lawn offering a view both north and south, Riverwood is surrounded by breathtaking scenic vistas. Come for a relaxing weekend, a family reunion, or spiritual retreat. Bring your true love or best friend or your quilting club or kayaking buddies. Practice yoga and tai chi on the lawn or lounge in the hot tub watching a million gallons of water flow slowly past, lit by the stars and the moon. Schedule a writer’s workshop or a corporate brainstorming session. It doesn’t matter what occasion or event; if relaxation, majestic beauty, and quiet serenity is your quest, Riverwood is your destination.  We would love to get to know you.

NEW: We have installed an EV charger, so you can plug in and recharge your electric vehicle.

NEWER! : In our continuing effort to be more environmentally sustainable, we recently contracted Northwest Renewables from Spokane, who installed 18, 410 watt solar panels made in Bellingham, WA. With this all American made array and electrical control system, we can generate 7,380 watts of clean power anytime the panels see sunlight. We also have in place an efficient American-made furnace and heat pump system to provide heat or air conditioning for your comfort, whether it's the cold of winter or the middle of summer.  Avista Power installed a new reversing power meter that collects and calculates the power we generate, giving any extra power back to the grid for us to use when there is no sun. We have also switched to all LED lighting, in an effort to keep power usage to a minimum at night.

As an additional environment-friendly measure, we use only EcoSense cleaners to ensure no chemicals (like phosphates) drain into the river.  Safer for humans and pets (and fish!), and more eco-friendly. 

Staying at Riverwood Vacation Rental House will give you peace of mind that you are making the most eco-conscious choice, adding to your enjoyment of the natural world around you, preserving the health of the Columbia River, and doing your part toward reducing carbon and methane emmissions into our fragile atmosphere.

Welcome and Thank You!